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There's A Bugatti Veyron For Sale With What Might Be A Magic Backwards-Running Odometer - Jalopnik

This one-owner Veyron, currently selling for €999,000 (that’s $1,098,640. 26 in U. S. dollars) was such a good deal that the Slovak website. The car is fully half of all the Veyrons in Slovakia, and is owned by Ladislav Bašternák, who is actually something of a celebrity in Slovakia. If you’re part of this substantial group, read on, because there’s a Veyron for sale in Slovakia that appears to have some sort of enchanted odometer. He’s also fielded accusations of tax fraud , and, perhaps most notably, has a habit of parking his Veyron in entrances and handicapped parking spaces , which earned him what might be the only boot ever placed on a Veyron. Source: jalopnik.com