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Ride the Wild Tieton - Yakima Herald-Republic

Am I going to flip. It was her first time, and she says her heart was pounding as they prepared to launch, and worries raced through her mind. Whitewater rafting is terrifying and exhilarating at the same time. “Am I going to go in the river. When I got on the river I got more scared, but then it was fun,” she says, laughing. Petty Officer First Class Kramer and his crew drove three hours from Seattle to raft the Tieton, one of most unique whitewater experiences in the country. He and his fellow Coast Guardsmen just hauled the yellow raft that flipped them into the Tieton River up onto the banks at the end of a wild two-hour ride. Source: www.yakimaherald.com

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Wasserkraftwerk bei Pfrombach Nr. 3
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