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Wando River Bridge open to traffic - Moultrie News

It was finally decided that it would be constructed to the Coast Guard's recommended height of 55 feet. Traffic along the Mount Pleasant side of Hwy. Since the mid 2000s residents and government agencies clashed about the design and height of the bridge replacement. Some argued that by building the fixed span bridge at only 35 feet, like Mount Pleasant town officials had hoped, sailors would not have the right to enjoy the upper Wando as much as power boaters. It will be a four-lane bridge that will remain at two lanes until Hwy. 41 increased over the weekend as area residents wanted their turn at going over the Wando River Bridge replacement project which totaled $30. 4 million. Source: www.moultrienews.com

Tones of Blue and brown
I go into hospital for my dupuytren's surgery tomorrow morning at 7am. So I am trying to get all my friends trip up before I have only one hand to work with. Then I will only have right hand to work with and I am left...
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Lake Powell - Desert Reflection
Lake Powell is a reservoir on the Colorado River, straddling the border between Utah and Arizona (most of it, along with Rainbow Bridge, is in Utah). It is the second largest man-made reservoir in maximum water...
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The JEANIE JOHNSTON is a remarkable replica of the original Janie Johnston ship which was built in Quebec in 1847 and carried Irish emigrants, in Famine times, from Tralee, County Kerry to the United States and...
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