River Boat Wow

arps paularps netherlands nederland culture cultuur wow woodstockonwheels leiden europa europe grachten canals stadsbrouwhuis stadsbrouwhuisleiden beer bier café brewery
Bands in the canals during Woodstock-on-Wheels festival (Leiden, The Netherlands 2017)
Photo by paularps on Flickr
gretchen scared tubing conehead
Wow, I can't believe they're being such coneheads.
Photo by neil alejandro on Flickr
sanfrancisco sailboat sailing sail sanfran sanfranciscobay tarasbirthday taras33birthday
Birthday Sailing
This was an amazing day, organized by my amazing man... A true adventure on the bay. I've never been sailing before and...wow...it's hard core. Fan-effing-tastic!
Photo by miss_rogue on Flickr