River Boats 1800s

Riding the canal 1800s style - LaSalle News Tribune

Beyond that, it’s too shall for the large replica passenger boat. The canal supports travel by the Volunteer only up to the aqueduct over the Vermilion River. The motors are not big enough to power the heavy boat during a 1-hour ride but are handy for positioning, Johnston said. It was almost time for the mule to start walking and pulling the tour boat. The boat is pulled by a mule, Moe. Mule tender Cate Jaeger watches Moe, a 44-year-old mule, graze the bank of the Illinois and Michigan Canal after pulling the Volunteer boat a half-mile east from Lock 14 in La Salle. Source: www.newstrib.com

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Dublin Docklands - Shortly Before Sunset
The Dublin Docklands Development Area comprises of 520 hectares or 1300 acres of land on the north and south banks of the river Liffey. In the past there was little contact between the communities on both sides of the...
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Whaling Barque Nautilus
Typical American whaling ship from the mid 1800s
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Floras Lake
View of the outflow creek linking Floras Lake and the New River, looking northwest, Mar. 15, 2016, by Greg Shine, BLM. Featuring a lakefront boat ramp and hiking trails along blowing sand dunes to the windswept ocean...
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