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Repeal of PASPA will likely not change existing online sports betting laws - Off Shore Gaming Assocation (blog)

It's interesting that Utah, which has a huge Mormon population and rejects all forms of betting in its state, is in support of repealing the law as is Arizona and Louisiana, which are currently blocked from even offering DFS due to state laws... The Supreme Court's decision on New Jersey's challenge to the 1992 sports betting law will likely have little effect on broader betting laws Now that the Supreme Court has agreed to hear New Jersey's arguments regarding the repeal of PASPA , 20... Source: www.osga.com

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San Pedro River on WWPD, 2012
paintcan pinhole camera, paper negative, 2.5 min exp, developed in caffenol C. This was another metering toughie. Low, morning light was streaking through the trees, skipping across the darker river below. The San...
Photo by Crunchy Footsteps on Flickr
Colorado Belle Hotel & Casino, Laughlin, Nevada
The Colorado Belle Hotel & Casino is a resort on the banks of the Colorado River in Laughlin, Nevada, United States. The Colorado Belle is a fixed building made to look like a six-deck replica of a 19th-century...
Photo by Ken Lund on Flickr