Sailboats Black And White

Fisherman tried to ride out Irma on his boat. Then it started flipping over. - Miami Herald

Andres Lopez thought he could ride out Hurricane Irma aboard his home, a 25-foot fishing boat. Then, as the storm surge lifted the bay as if it was rolling into an apocalyptic high tide, Lopez plunged. There he spat out saltwater, caught his breath and clung to a tree for maybe an hour, maybe two. Water poured in, and he was thrown violently from side to side. Lopez jumped into Biscayne Bay and began swimming. Lopez did not want to abandon ship, his beloved Run Running, but it was listing to starboard at an extreme angle. Source:

blackandwhite bw fuji sw fujifilm fujinon schwarzweis xe2 xf3514r
Fujifilm X-E2 with Fujinon XF35/1.4mm
Fujifilm X-E2 with Fujinon XF35/1.4mm, JPEG out of cam (OOC) with black and white plus red filter film simulation (Y+R). Hamburg, Germany, Alster Lake, Sailboat.
Photo by Michael Behrens on Flickr
ocean sea blackandwhite sailboat coast boat monterey sailing wind
Photo by NathanF on Flickr
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Sail Boats in the Bay
Photo by aresauburn™ on Flickr