Sailboats Cost

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Dana Point Marina, CA 9-16
(1 in a multiple picture album) The marine layer had not yet burned away when I took this shot. If you want to know where the money is in California, walk through a marina such as this and look at the yachts. I am...
Jardin des Tuileries
Jardin des Tuileries provides wooden sailboats for children to push around the pond. It is around 1 euro per 1/2 hour or so. This is where the Palais des Tuileries would have begun and connected to the northern...
Photo by mcgrayjr on Flickr
friends breakfast tsa
the breakfast club
a while ago i was loured into a tuesday breakfast with a retired associate and his, um, posse of sailing buddies. so every tuesday, i join them for breakfast and sagely advice. their combined experience in a variety...
Photo by JS North on Flickr