Sailboats Hulls

Wall Decal entitled Sailboats hulls in a lake, Lake Michigan, Michigan,

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The Guys Cashing in on Hurricane Irma's Boat Destruction - VICE en_us

After making small talk with one of the men, Lozman asks them to deliver a message to the speedboat's owner. A sleek black boat with an aluminum hull zips across Biscayne Bay on a sunny afternoon ten days after Hurricane Irma spanked South Florida with a punishing storm surge and ferocious winds. Lozman stops a few yards from two men standing on the bow of a small pleasure craft as they wrestle with massive chains looped under a 40-foot-long speedboat submerged in ten feet of water. Fane Lozman, a lanky captain who converted his 30-foot former Navy vessel into a salvage ship about six years ago, eases on the throttle as he approaches a marina behind a beige apartment building in North Bay Village, a seaside town made up of... Source:

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HMS Warrior
First iron-hulled warship. Current location is Portsmouth, England. Commissioned in 1861. Sailboat rigging Canon EF 28-135 IS
Photo by Rennett Stowe on Flickr
sailboat junk chinese chinesejunk satu корабль китай lugsail tomcolvin junkrig джонка
we had a chinese junk, built in the Chesapeake. This guy Tom Colvin designed them, and I personally tied hundreds and hundreds of knots for the sail battens. 36 feet, very heavy, shoal draft Yangtze River type hull,...
Photo by Nesster on Flickr
sanfrancisco ca sailboat us d70 eagle cutter barque uscg uscgc auxpa
USCG Barque Eagle off San Francisco waterfront
San Francisco Bay (July 23, 2008) - Coast Guard Cutter Eagle, a three-masted sailing barque with 21,350 square feet of sail off San Francisco waterfront during the Festival of Sail Parade. The New London, Conn., based...