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Michigan man offers free 18-foot sailboat, but it's floating in his backyard pool -

Free to anyone that can get it out without damaging anything. The peculiar advertisement has been making its way around Craigslist since it was posted on Sept. The ad doesn't provide a ton of detail as to how the boat ended up in his backyard, but it does mention his grandpa, who was a sailor passionate about the open water. Contact info for Gregg, who is apparently housing the boat at 305 Stryker St. , in South Lyon is listed on the website. "He missed the open water so he rented a crane and dropped it in our swimming pool," the ad posted by Gregg reads. SOUTH LYON, MI - A Michigan resident is giving away a free 18-foot sailboat. Source:

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Sailboat Races
The sailboat races take place every Wednesday starting from the Lower Harbor in Marquette, MI. © Zoe Rudisill 2007
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i took this photo from the mackinaw bridge while we were driving over it i am surprised it turned out so clear
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