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All in a day's work: Hauling a 91-foot boat deck from Rockport to Brooklin -

Five months later, the deck for that sailboat came out of the Rockport shed early on a Sunday morning, Oct. Brad and Adam Scott, two brothers who own Two Harbor Marine, then towed it across Penobscot Bay and down Eggemoggin Reach to Brooklin Boat Yard, where boatbuilders over there would finish the new sloop. This time, a large flatbed from Brooklin Boat Yard would move the boat’s deck along Route 1 to Route 15, from Rockport to Brooklin, with two state police vehicles as escorts. Early last spring, on May 4, crews at Rockport Marine gently pulled a new 91-foot cold-molded hull from the shed and lowered it into Rockport Harbor. Source:

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New York
Sailing on the Hudson
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sailboat in New York Harbor
The Staten Island Ferry
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New York
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