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Sports Calendar for 9/22 - Cape Coral Daily Breeze

club catches and releases all tarpon. social and competitive club, hosts rookie seminars, tournaments for youth and adults. learn to sail with us. new members and captains with sailboats welcome. Caloosahatchee Marching & Chowder Society - Meeting third Tuesday every month, 6:30 p. m. , Cape Coral Yacht Club. Sailing Singles Club - Happy Hour gathering first Friday each month, 5 p. m. , general meeting third Thursday each month, 7 p. m. daysails & weekenders being planned. Cape Coral Bass Club - Meeting first Tuesday each month, 7:30 p. m. , Nemo's Sports Cafe, 42 Mid Cape Terrace, Cape Coral. Cape Coral Tarpon Hunters Club - Meeting third Thursday (March through September) each month, 7 p. m. , Cape Coral Yacht Club. Source:

trees camp sky water youth sailboat bay iso200 day cloudy gimp orcasisland ymca f11 hdr ep1 pacificnw 17mm camporkila zd pfstmo qtpfsgui mantiuk olympusep1
Camp Orkila
This is the view on the way from our cabin down to the main lodge. It was gorgeous. Olympus E-P1 17mm ZD f/11 multiple exposures ISO-200 View Large On Black
Photo by avhell on Flickr
alaska sailboat reflections quiet anchorage insidepassage sloop oceanlight
2001 NW 32
"Beauty...You seldom see beauty face to face. Look at it well, for what you see now you will never see again, since the moment is transitory, but it will remain an imperishable memory in your heart. You touch...
Photo by anoldent on Flickr
sailboat anchorage
2001 NW 37
Another traveler in Pybus Bay, a beautiful anchorage.
Photo by anoldent on Flickr