Sailboats Painting

Artist gives joy as much as she receives it - Press of Atlantic City

And the sky — the clouds are amazing in Iowa. I probably did it in 15 minutes — it was very simple art,” she recalls. “And the ocean has so much to do with what I do … there’s always a sailboat or a sun. They bring a lot of personality to paintings,” she giggles. Then I remembered I had a pumpkin picture that I did in a guided painting class for kids. It’s a little bit country and a little bit Jersey. So maybe I’ll paint sailboats or colorful fish dancing through the sky. Source:

MCM Sailboat Painting
Photo by urbandwellersrva on Flickr
A little sailboat fit for one, sits all alone where did it come. On its side up on the grass, lost most its paint, all its class. A center pole once held a sail, all one can see is a rusty pail. If you could speak...
Photo by ||-SAM Nasim-|| on Flickr
Ferdinand du Puigaudeau - Sailboats at Sunset
Photo by irinaraquel on Flickr