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Jobson Introduces Sailing to Thailand Youth - US SAILING (press release)

I explained to the aspiring sailors that they. Over the next two days, me and a group of instructors from the Royal Varuna Yacht Club in Pattaya, would introduce these eager youngsters to sailing. The 20 boys and 20 girls ranged in age from 8 to 18. Not one of them had ever been on a sailboat. All 40 were living at a facility run by the Human Help Network Foundation, a safe haven away from the abuse they had suffered earlier in their lives. As I spoke to 40 youngsters in Thailand, I studied their faces carefully. The King built 25 small sailboats with his own hands. But the mood changed when I explained my purpose for being in Thailand. Source:

sea sailboat thailand places phuket
Sailboat off Phuket.
I'm sure there is a nice solid breeze for a fun day of sailing.
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In Canada parents get nervous when kids play on piers with no railings. In Thailand they don't even put water under the pier.
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On the way from Koh Samui to Koh Tao.
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