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Sloop Alongside Somes Sound Fjord (Sloop John B)
Acadia National Park, Maine. I really wanted to catch a sloop! Sloop John B (original video and digital re-master): Lyrics (Brian Wilson): We come on the sloop John B My...
Photo by Tony Fischer Photography on Flickr
75' humanitarian ship flips twice and crashes into Four Seasons Hualalai reef; one lost at sea.
It flipped twice at sea, losing both masts. We have often stayed in room 110 which overlooks this scene. So I knew the perfect route to evade the police barricades to get in there for a photo. Short video from the...
Photo by jurvetson on Flickr
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Derek, Super Happy Scamper, piped out of the boatshop in style
Howard shot this video of the first Scamp leaving the nest (womb?), with bagpipes and full dress regalia! Scamp Camp #1, a group build of 10 SCAMPs, an 11'11" pocket-cruiser sailboat designed by John Welsford.
Photo by Dale Simonson on Flickr