Sails Bags

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And Scenery Bags was born. The theatre drops Kahn uses to make the bags come from all over the United States. Broadway stage manager Jen Kahn thought the same thing, and was inspired to answer that question in 2015 when she wandered into a shop that sold bags made from old sails from sailboats. Source:

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The Glide Sandy
70800 Getaway Glider alternative. (the base is not from the set) The two wedges and the plastic bag from the box gave me the idea to build a TechWest flying boat. ps.: the figs in this set are insanely cool
Photo by legoalbert on Flickr
smail sailing boat with a selfmade sail from plastic bags.
Photo by on Flickr
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Walmart, Merritt Island FL
i bet this is some good stuff.
Photo by Rusty Clark ~ 100K Photos on Flickr