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Dewaruci revisited
KRI Dewaruci - Sail 2010 - Amsterdam - the Netherlands
Photo by Bert Kaufmann on Flickr
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Sail 2010 (Frontpage)
Highest position on Explore: #15 on Saturday, August 21, 2010 The KRI Dewaruci (sometimes spelled Dewa Ruci or Dewarutji; KRI: Kapal Perang Republik Indonesia) is a Class A tall ship owned and operated by the...
Photo by Bert Kaufmann on Flickr
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Dun Laoghaire welcomes the world famous Solitaire du Figaro yacht race with Festival des Bateaux
Between 11th and 14th August 2011, Dun Laoghaire will be the only international stop on the world famous French Solitaire du Figaro sailing race. To celebrate the stopover of this iconic 3,390 km race, Dun Laoghaire...
Photo by infomatique on Flickr