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Griff Rhys Jones joins anniversary reading of Arthur Ransome book - BBC News

Well-known names will read an Arthur Ransome sailing novel in one go at the setting where it was written 80 years ago. The novel tells the tale of three youngsters who accidently sail out to sea in The Goblin from Pin Mill and end up in The Netherlands. It takes place at Pin Mill Sailing Club, at Chelmondiston on the River Orwell estuary. As a boy, Jones said he used visit Hamford Water in Essex, which was the setting for another Ransome title, The Secret Water, and he is intrigued by his role working for the British secret service in Russia. The book is the seventh in the author's Swallows & Amazons series of children's sailing stories. Source:

Henry Wadsworth Longfellow
Henry Wadsworth Longfellow Monument When this staute was unveiled on M and Connecticut Streets NW, the place was absolutely buzzing. The heroic bronze figure sat draped in his academic robe, book in hand, and looked...
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archaeology hammer boat saw magic knife vessel trinity scales weapon shuttle bolt sacred missile harpoon blade serpent dagger chisel artifact discovery dart tool cutter lightningbolt versatile relics wedge saxon artefact stoneage neolithic stoneware thunderbolt vitreous hilt pestle objettrouvé adamant ingot mjolnir stonetool polytheism flakescar seax adamantine objectofvirtu quapanhinkelstone
MISSILE STONEWARE: Thor's thunder~bolt~serpent “ingot”; Freya's “βαυβóν”; Odin's ferry~boat “dart”. MAGIC.κ.TOOL: hafted saxon knife (“seax”) & saw; hilted hammer & harpoon. ♦SACRED♦ADAMANTINE♦LIGHTNING♦SHUTTLE♦
──► DECK: Move your mouse over the above ło کee the noteς I've inکcribed onło the łhunderbolł-کerpenł's deck. (Sept 2nd). ──► BOTTOM-UP: Odin's ferry boat from beneath (Sept 15th). ──► STAR-BOARD: »thunder-boat«...
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newzealand history archives newzealandhistory archivesnewzealand
The Life of Franklin D Roosevelt
On November 7 1944, Franklin D Roosevelt was elected President of the United States for a fourth term; the only person in US history to do so. Did the dynamic designs above have anything to do with his success at the...
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