Sails Close To The Wind

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After Harvey and Irma battered parts of the south, it sure would be nice to miss the next few. We have a little tropical fatigue here in the U. S. , and with good reason. Find Eric Fisher on Twitter and Facebook. Source:

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Screwing the Main Top
Wind is slowed down by the sea so the closer to the water, the slower the wind. As a result the relative wind direction varies between the bottom and the top of the mast so to take full advantage of the wind's power,...
Photo by Bruno Girin on Flickr
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Local Regatta
It's that time of year again. That's us in the background, using the "Double Secret Current Technique" which shot us from a close 2nd to a comfortable 1st in a matter of seconds after the photo was taken....
Photo by russteaches on Flickr
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GO Fleet sunset sailing start
Canandaigua Yacht Club "GO Fleet" race 3 start on Wednesday night with VERY light wind, but great sunset lighting! "GO Fleet" stands for "Genoa Only" or no poles and chutes. I'm in the...
Photo by sailorbill on Flickr