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Huge Sails Provide Shade And UV Protection At Four Palm Coast Playgrounds - WJCT NEWS

Plus, they say, the sails will also provide U-V protection for kids and grown-ups playing under them. The brightly colored sails are made of permeable canvas that officials say will lower playground temperatures by as much as 15-degrees. City officials hoisted a number of huge shade-sails over the playground equipment at Ralph Carter, Waterfront, Seminole Woods and Belle Terre parks. Source:

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Whiter shade of pale...
I had to pick them because the naughty Pigeons had trodden and flattened them... a drop of water and a little editing has bought them back to life ;0) They are sailing in a dish of water ... #In Explore ...Thank...
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shade and sea
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[ N ] Emil Nolde - Auf Hoher See (On the Hight Sea) (1949)
"Auf hoher See, painted in 1949, is part of a series of powerful and capturing paintings of the sky and sea which Nolde executed throughout his career. The clouds moving towards the viewer are rendered in...
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