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India - Pulicat Lake - 027 - sailboat on the lake
The broad, blue sail of a traditional wood sailboat. Very cool. It looked like a lot of fun. I would have loved to try it for a spin around the lake. Maybe another day! The sail did worrying look like stiched...
Photo by mckaysavage on Flickr
straycats furrychest allwrappedup whatsalittlehaironmychest
it is what it is . . .
Annpar just tagged me :-) …. so here are 16 random things about me: 1 i am an immigrant 2 my parents come from the Dalmatian Coast 3 i love pink 4 forever searching for that perfect bikini . . . maybe i should save...
Photo by girlguyed on Flickr
tahiti usarmy passportphoto buffalosoldier
WIlliam Lawson Dungey 1917
William Lawson Dungey Born in Nashville TN, 7 Jan 1891 to Joseph Dungey, a coal and ice dealer, and his wife Alice. Dungey enlisted as a private in the Ninth Cavalry, US Army, at Jefferson Barracks, Missouri , on...
Photo by puzzlemaster on Flickr