Sails Vs. Oars

A Father and Son Sail Through Homer's 'Odyssey' Together - New York Times

Along on the cruise is Jay, the author’s 81-year-old father. He strode across the stateroom to the balcony and looked forlornly down as the shirt, which on contact with. “I said, Daddy, we’re on a Mediterranean cruise, you can’t wear brown polyester, and I took the shirt and walked to the balcony and threw it into the sea. The idea of reading his account of being trapped on a theme cruise — the theme is Homer’s “Odyssey” — is an attractive one. There’s an early scene in Mendelsohn’s new book, “An Odyssey: A Father, a Son and an Epic,” in which Daniel, a natty gay man, looks on in horror as Jay buttons himself into a shiny brown shirt. Source: