Santa Cruz Boat

From forest to sea, much to do in Santa Cruz County - San Francisco Chronicle

Take your pick: In the deep woods, at a state beach, on the water, on the trail or on a lake. Yet in this region, just over the ridge from the Bay Area, you can find cool, clean air and an array of recreation opportunities. From the forests of the Santa Cruz Mountains to the beaches of northern Monterey Bay, the region provides a series of escape hatches — redwoods, beaches and coastal foothills — that are difficult to match. You’ll find it. Big Basin Redwoods State Park (Boulder Creek): You can start with a tour through old-growth redwoods near park headquarters, which can be extended 4. 7 miles to Berry Creek Falls, and then on to Silver Falls and the Golden Cascade... Source:

1950s santa cruz harbour
santa cruz harbour
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Boats, santa cruz
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Canoeing the Santa Cruz Reservoir
Photo: Jacob Knight