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Cloud Seeding = More Snow, But Is It Worth Doing In The Long Run? - Newschoolers

The process is rather interesting but if you don't give a flying fuck about how cloud seeding started & the chemistry behind it, skip the next paragraph. Used around the world for various applications such as mitigating hail storm damage in Alberta, Canada to decrease the intensity of the storm which would have caused an estimated "C$100million in damage to homes and cars. The process of cloud seeding dates back to 1946 " when Irving Langmuir and his colleagues, Vincent Schaefer and Bernard Vonnegut, discovered that silver. One of these we know as fact and it's formally known as cloud seeding: a process of injecting silver iodide particles into clouds from planes. Source:

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ein Schäfer holt seine Herde
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Flooding near the Capitol building in Jefferson City
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