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Sea Ray SLX 400 - Boating Magazine (press release)

Learn About The SLX 400 Outboard. Faced with all the buttons and levers to reimagine the toy into multiple machines, he is thinking “awesome” and “way cool. When it comes to choosing the most important feature, some of us would start with the power selection — and the SLX 400 will also be available with outboards by the time you read this. Others (you know who) would start with a civilized enclosed head with a shower, and the list goes on: good tunes, lots of seating, easy water access, enough speed to zoom around, a place to eat, and a place to sleep. Sea Ray took a hard look at how boaters use boats. ” I know this because I felt the same way when I stepped aboard the Sea Ray SLX 400. It is awesome. Source: