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Howth - Photographed By Infomatique
Howth is an area in the Fingal County Council administrative area of County Dublin, Ireland. Originally just a small fishing village and surrounding rural district, Howth is now a busy suburb of Dublin, with a mix of...
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Howth (rhymes with both), is a fishing and yachting port, and popular suburban resort on the north side of Howth Head, 15km (9½ miles north-east of the city centre. Its attractions are easily appreciated, particularly...
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The Day I Went On The DART To Howth
Howth Head is one of the dominant features of Dublin Bay, with a number of peaks. In one area near Shielmartin, there is a small peat bog, the Bog of the Frogs. The wilder parts of Howth can be access by a network...
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