Sea Doo Boat Cushions

'Devastation' in the Florida Keys: Here's what happened when Irma struck - Miami Herald

By Monday, it had jumped across the road to face Florida Bay. Irma delivered a nasty blow over the weekend to the Florida Keys, the 110-mile,. But somehow the cushions held. Even so, as the couple surveyed the damage on Cudjoe on Monday morning, a day after Irma passed, they knew they had been lucky. “We are very fortunate for being directly in the eye,” said Hoffman, 70. The eye offered an hour of relief from the 130 mph winds raging around the calmness at the center of the Category 4 storm. When the eye of Hurricane Irma passed over Cudjoe Key, Cindy Dresow and Jim Hoffman ran to grab the cushions off the couch of their 48-year-old, oval-shaped home. Source: