Sea Doo Boats 210 Challenger Se

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But for some, it cost a little more than they could afford, so Sea-Doo went back to the drawing board and performed a “motor-ectomy,” reducing twin engines to one. One of the features that has made the Challenger family such a hit with boaters is the room created by the compact, yet powerful, 1. 5L Rotax engines, which can be tweaked with supercharging to create lots of power for their size. But the real challenge in the resulting 210 Challenger S was to keep it sporty enough to be worthy of the Sea-Doo name. A couple of years ago, Sea-Doo came out with the 210 Challenger SE, which gave boaters an entirely new take on jet-boat ride and comfort, and with twin 215 hp Rotax engines, its performance was off the hook. Source: