Shearwater Diving

Pacific Ocean still reeling from several rough years - Chinook Observer

This time, it kept coming up almost empty: a single jellyfish, one salmon. In Alaska, a group conducting similar research had yet to snag a spring Chinook salmon at a time when such landings would be. “Is it just me. ”. Researchers also lowered a net 90 feet across and down to a depth of 60 feet to sample what was in the water. Two seabird species in particular make up the vast majority of the birds she expects to see on these near shore research trips: common murres, a diving bird related to puffins, and sooty shearwaters, a relative of the albatross that migrates from... Source:

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Shearwater diving
It came as a surprise to scientists when depth guages placed on shearwaters showed they dove to up to 60 metres. Here a shearwater (a sooty I think) is caught in the act of diving down.
Photo by angrysunbird on Flickr
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Rowley Shoals, Timor Sea
To download the full resolution and other files go to: This astronaut photograph highlights the coral reef atolls known as Rowley Shoals, located in the...
Photo by NASA Earth Observatory on Flickr
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Bald Eagle, Denny Island, BC
Crows drove this eagle from his perch at the top of a huge cedar tree to this spot just a few yards from our boat. Three crows took turns harassing the eagle by diving at him. He put up with it for about ten minutes...
Photo by A.Davey on Flickr