Shearwater Life

BirdLife calls on the public to help stranded shearwaters - Times of Malta

Birdlife called on the public to report any sightings or findings of stranded chicks. Fledging at night, these young birds are said to use the light of the horizon to guide them away from the coast, however the increasing threat of on-land light pollution can disorientate the birds causing them to become stranded inland, appearing... Scopoli’s shearwater chicks will begin to fledge from their nests in the cliffs in the coming days and Birdlife is calling for the public’s assistance to report any potential strandings. Source:

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Shearwater Eagle Series (1)
Whenever I see a Bald Eagle close up, I ask myself the same question as when I see a wrestler, UPS driver or frat guy: Did he end up as a [wrestler - UPS driver - frat guy - major raptor] because he looks like one,...
Photo by A.Davey on Flickr
Birding While at Sea
We saw a ton of birds while at sea, including a Blue-gray Noddy near Necker, a life bird for us. AREA COVERED Oahu to Laysan Island on M/V Kahana (Sep 6-9, 2013), about 800 miles. Stopped count when nearing Laysan,...
Photo by Forest & Kim on Flickr
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HMCS Oriole
We passed the lovely HMCS Oriole near Gunboat Passage as we were en route from Shearwater Marine Resort to Ocean Falls in British Columbia. According to Wikipedia, the Oriole was launched in 1921 as the Oriole IV,...
Photo by A.Davey on Flickr