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2019 Audi A8 L is more comfortable and luxurious than ever - CNET

is packed to its gills with new technology. So, I've rounded up six, in no particular order, of the most luxurious finishing touches that make the A8's cabin a more pleasant place to be while you drive or are being driven. Reclining rear seats with foot massager Here in the States, the only A8 models we'll get are the longer wheelbase A8 L variants. From the upcoming autonomous features to the new infotainment to the impressive active performance tech, I've already dug deep and geeked out about almost everything that's new and noteworthy. ) The extra 5. 1 inches (130 millimeters) of wheelbase translates directly to an equivalent amount of extra legroom for second row passengers and larger rear door openings for easier ingress and egress. Source:

venue speakeasy
Speakeasy - main room. View from back
Venue: Speakeasy Floor: 1st Room: Main View: Last row of seats in front of stage. Note(s): Best image of what it would be like to sit in the back of the audience and watch someone speak.
Photo by Todd Barnard on Flickr
Knoebels 080
The night nears a close from the back seat of the Twister. Tomorrow would be part three of the FREDx event, the professional presentations, where among other things I would get to meet Larry Chickola, chief engineer...
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venue themarqprague
The Marq/Prague - main room. View to back
Venue: The Marq/Prague Floor: 1st Room: Main View: Center of main room. Windows to the right, no seating.
Photo by Todd Barnard on Flickr