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How the Eagle Landed — the Grumman Construction Log
On July 20, 1969, Eagle landed on the moon. These are the handwritten notes from the Grumman engineers as they pushed to complete Lunar Module LM-5 in 1968. On the last page, they learn than this particular Lunar...
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Casio QVR61 (2004)
CASIO COMPUTER CO. LTD. released the QV-R61, a 6-megapixel digital camera in the popular QV-R range with improved image quality and responsiveness thanks to the incorporation of CASIO’s proprietary EXILIM Engine. In...
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Battery vent adapter
Since nobody in the UK sells GM-compatible batteries, I figured the best way to cope was to buy any battery of similar size and capacity and transplant the vent ports from the original battery. I hacked the ports from...
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