Boys' Base Layers

boy france clock monument statue memorial europe child postcard wreath lamppost photograph trainstation soldiers rooster enfant lorraine meuse garçon cartepostale barleduc francoprussianwar cartespostalesanciennes paulroussel
No. 38. Bar-le-Duc. Monument des Enfants de la Meuse et la Gare (undated)
Postcard. Postally unused. Visé Nancy, C series. Bought from an eBay seller in Chantecorps, France. Location: Google Maps Street View I wonder why and when the monument was...
Photo by pellethepoet on Flickr
butterfly panda bally ainsworth igt aristocrat shufflemaster paltronics humanstatuebodyart australasiangamingexpotradeexhibition21–23august2012
Australasian Gaming Expo Trade Exhibition, Paltronics
Australasian Gaming Expo report from Sydney; Australia - Day 2 Today was the 2nd day for the most high profile and successful gaming expo in Australia - the Australasian Gaming Expo, which is being hosted by the...
Anti-tank rifle men in Kursk
Russian anti-tank riflemen with PTRD rifles on the Kursk salient during the Battle of Kursk against German troops by Russian photographer Natalia Bode. Anti-tank rifles are rifle designed to penetrate the armour of...
Photo by Cassowary Colorizations on Flickr