Boys' Softshell

Turtles of Pennsylvania: Maybe 14 species, at least 1 softshell -

In 2011, the International Union for Conservation of Nature downgraded the conservation status of the boxie from near threatened to vulnerable, noting that the population has dropped by nearly a third over three generations. Pennsylvania is home to 13 or 14 species of turtle. Aquatic turtles, like the snapping and painted, can be spotted almost daily from late winter through the following late fall at and in waters across Pennsylvania. The eastern box turtle (Terrapene carolina carolina) may be the most familiar turtle in Pennsylvania. The eastern box turtle occurs throughout Pennsylvania and the rest of the eastern U. S. The 5- to 8-inch, hinge-shelled turtle is found in deciduous woodlands, old fields and pastures. Source:

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My little boy in his new habitat.
Photo by Aaron Gustafson on Flickr
crab johnnys poboy softshell
Johnny's Softshell Crab Po'boy
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Softshell Crab Po Boy KCI_6066
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