Hong Kong closes busy beaches after palm oil spill clogs coast - The Guardian

Four more beaches on the southern coast of the main Hong Kong Island were. Despite the rise of debris on beaches, washed ashore from mainland China and other parts of Hong Kong, residents in areas affected by the spillage said they had never seen anything like the congealed oil lumps. Ten busy Hong Kong beaches were closed on Sunday after palm oil spilled from a ship collision in mainland Chinese waters. The government closed six beaches and hoisted warning flags after “white, oily substances” were spotted on the waters and sands off southern Hong Kong’s outlying islands on Sunday morning, according to a statement. Source:

beach clogs
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store painted clog klompen sabot
Clog (or sabot): a type of protective footwear, usually made out of wood.
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leaves rain spring drain clogged
Spring rains clog drains.
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