Cloth & Matting

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Sumatra 1988
Its getting close to 30 years ago now .. . Batak architecture refers to the related architectural traditions and designs of the various Batak peoples of North Sumatra, Indonesia. There are six groups of Batak who...
Photo by Nick Kenrick.. on Flickr
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Flocked Mat
Six by nine foot mat, made from a canvas drop cloth, caulking and lots of flock. Total material cost is in the neighbourhood of $50, while a commercial mat the same size would be at least $100. The tiny fleck in the...
Photo by WireLizard on Flickr
1957 desoto binder auctions” firesweep collection” 172008 “vanderbrink “binder
225-177 1957 DeSoto FireSweep 4Door Sedan
These DeSotoPhotos are courtesy of; VanDerBrink Auctions, LLC Yvette VanDerBrink-Auctioneer/owner VIN#: 58001755 This is a 1957 Desoto FireSweep 4 door Sedan. Series S-27. This appears...
Photo by bsabarnowl on Flickr