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Road maintenance fee helps cover repair projects - Spartanburg Herald Journal

The fee has generated more than $60 million since it was implemented by Spartanburg County Council in 2005. That money has paid for road widening, intersection improvements, right-of-way maintenance and bridge replacements, among other projects. Spartanburg County Councilman Roger Nutt said ideally road projects should be funded through the general fund. But the county has had to use general fund money to cover state services, the result of a shortfall in the Local Government Fund. With counties having to spend more to pay for state services, the road maintenance fee is helping to ensure needed county road projects get done, Spartanburg County leaders say. Source:

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.. cover under the premonsoon wind. see other SILHOUETTEs here.
pen pencil handwriting scrapbook open journals notebooks openbook spiralbound
Notebook collection
A selection of the notebooks I have kept. Front and center is the one that rides around in my purse to collect thoughts and ideas, but there are personal journals, class notebooks, a work notebook, a home-maintenance...
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Replacing Drains with New Covers
We're taking a new approach to how we perform critical inspection and maintenance of subway components that are necessary to providing reliable service -- FASTRACK. The third implementation of FASTRACK is taking place...
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