Horns & Whistles

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The giraffe is the only animal born with horns
As giraffes are rarely heard, many people think they are mute. They are generally quiet, but will vocalize by emitting moans, hisses, snores, hisses, coughs, grunts, moos, snorts, bleats (similar to that of a young...
Photo by badjonni on Flickr
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20120608-_CEC0855_HDR-2 Motor Number 1
This is the replica of RGS Motor #1 in Ridgway, Colorado, Builder is Karl Schaeffer. It sits on a trailer ready to be towed to Golden, Colorado for the Galloping Goose Festival June 15, 16 & 17, 2012. All 7 of the...
Photo by Chuckcars on Flickr
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A Very Bad Cat (again)
Gillie generally goes out for his walk when I feel it's light enough to see well (around 6 am). For the past month he's been returning around 9-10 am with an occasional excursion until noon. Yesterday he went out as...
Photo by photofarmer on Flickr