Insulated Pants

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Hipster Ariel
"I was in two movies... you've probably never heard of them." I know that Hipster Ariel has been done before at other cons but I'd never seen one in person before. She amused me. And kudos for...
Photo by greyloch on Flickr
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Equipment Rundown
6:17 AM. Resting before the final push to the top. We're within 500 feet of the summit. Here, the concentration of oxygen in the air is about 14% instead of 21% at sea level. You feel it with every step. Not once did...
Photo by Peter Gene on Flickr
Backcountry skiing
Wes took Roland and me to Loveland Pass (Colorado) to do some backcountry skiing. We had to hike about a mile from the road. The ground was icy and the wind was brutal and threw you off balance, especially in ski...
Photo by Scott Teresi on Flickr