Kids' Casual Shoes

flint courtlandcenter
Courtland Center
Courtland Center, formerly Eastland Mall, in Burton, MI. This mall opened in 1968 with three anchors: The Fair (a local store based in Flint) to the west, Federals (a Detroit-based chain) to the south and Woolco to...
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maryland baltimorecounty dundalk ursusdave dundalkhighschool photographybydavidrobertcrews{akaursusdave}
Here is my published story of what that music box on the wall in the photo was to me - when I played records at school lunch time - during 1966-'67-'68. Including the time Rhythm and Blues/Soul Music loving white kids...
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five fingers nike chip vibram fivefingers bikila vibramfivefingers
Nike+ chip on Vibram FiveFingers Bikila
I've worn Vibram FiveFingers for over a year now, just about every day. But I didn't start running in them until recently. They're not kidding when they suggest building up gradually with short runs, when you start...
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