Kids' Cold Weather Boots

road park street blue autumn winter light red summer white cold fall ice nature wet water pool girl leaves rain weather umbrella season fun puddle outdoors happy drops kid spring jump funny child play mud natural legs boots walk background young rubber dirty dirt rainy messy splash asphalt splashing rainboots
Winter puddle
Photo by pavlinajane on Flickr
glastonburythelargestgreenfieldfestivalintheworld glastonburyfestival
Glastonbury, Mud, Mysticism, Mayhem and Memorable performances over the years
Since it started some 45 years ago it's now grown to a size of 1200 acres - making Glastonbury the largest greenfield festival in the world. David Bowie (2000): Described by Michael Eavis himself as the best...
Photo by brizzle born and bred on Flickr
blue school boy cold silly wet rain weather kids umbrella children holding funny day boots clothes rainy giraffes dressed embarrassed
giraffes worn voluntarily (for now)
These giraffe boots were worn voluntarily by our boy. What sold them was the idea one could go anywhere and splash in the water. Didn't need the giraffes to accomplish that. I'll be surprised if he'll wear anything...
Photo by woodleywonderworks on Flickr