Kids' Fishing Vests

sewing crafty kidsvest
Faking a pattern
I used an old pattern from halloween for size estimates, this online fishing vest pattern for shape estimates, and then freehanded the pattern pieces. Working material = worn-through pair of khaki pants.
Photo by PugnoM on Flickr
Kids Fishing Festival in Mammoth Lakes
Young angler found fishing success with her Berkley hat, pink fishing vest, fishing shirt and a Sponge Bob Square Pants fishing rod. California Department of Fish and Game photo.
Photo by CaliforniaDFW on Flickr
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Students collecting macroinvertebrates
Downstream, these waters are home to the endangered Appalachian elktoe mussel, meaning the Service has a vested interest in teaching students in the community about aquatic macroinvertebrates. Photo credit: Gary...
Photo by USFWS/Southeast on Flickr