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Paradise View of the Demon Realms: Unenlightened Bardo Realms ~ In the Demon Realms the denizens think nothing of killing and devouring their fellow beings, even when they understand that their victims are self-aware...
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Majestic Birds of Prey
I learned so much about birds today. The current New Scientist sheds light on their senses. They gave this example of the Great Grey Owl, with ears offset asymmetrically on the skull at 2 and 7 o’clock. The...
Photo by jurvetson on Flickr
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dangerous driving in the rain + tips
you are welcome to use this image w credit woodelywonderworks Tips and Techniques for Driving in Rain By Liz Kim and Joanne Helperin www.edmunds.com/ownership/safety/articles/45401/article.html The rain in Spain may...
Photo by woodleywonderworks on Flickr