Radar Domes

snow site great dome fell radar nats dun
Uk Radar Station in deep snow
This is a UK Radar Site on the top of a mountain called Great Dun Fell owned by NATS (National Air Traffic Services). Today our dedicated engineers were on site doing repair and maintenance work. They got a great day...
Photo by david.nikonvscanon on Flickr
china museum circle globe beijing dome
air force museum
some kind of radar dish?
Photo by ernop on Flickr
france dome britanny 2008 radar cts pb1 dôme radome radardome pleumeurbodou nikonnikkor18200mmvr radôme ploemeurbodou pleuveurbodoù centredetélécommunicationspatialedepleumeurbodou centredetélécommunicationspatiale radardôme citédestélécoms
Pleumeur Bodou "radome" Contains the antenna used for the first satellite transmission between USA and Europe, via Telstar in 1962.
Photo by Nicolas Lannuzel on Flickr