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red wet yellow lifeguard oceanside shorts rashguard
Hair Spray
Droplets of water spray off his head as he brushes his hair back. NCB_5880_cr
Photo by Chris Hunkeler on Flickr
tatami brazilian shorts jiujitsu rashguard venum bjj mma
Tatami Rashguard
A photo shoot made a few months ago for Venum MMA Shorts and Tatami Rashguard Review. Feel free to use this image, but give credits to boxingglovesreviews.com
Photo by MMA Gear Addict on Flickr
mexico wintervacation christmasvacation puntamita nayarit surfing surfergirls distractions
Surf lesson distractions
In this perhaps brief window in my life where (perhaps) I can say such things publicly, I must say that these two surfers, who happen to be female and not wearing much in the way of rashguards, wetsuits, or even...
Photo by Brett L. on Flickr