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2003 yellow wagon cusco sonic subaru impreza wrx sti p1 whiteline prodrive turboxs agx magnaflow utec kyb
2003 Subaru Impreza WRX Sonic Yellow Wagon POWER TurboXS Utec w/ Remote Map Switcher TurboXS Dual Stage Boost Controller K&N panel filter Turbo XS catback Bosal Downpipe INTERIOR STI aluminum shifter trim...
Photo by chrisarella on Flickr
nottingham oldmarketsquare lightnight city colours robot people street amusing metal night britain unitedkingdom uk citysquare motionblur
Light Night #4
A cool remote control robot that was being driven around during Light Night. Fortunately its arsenal of weapons consisted only of a stereo playing the theme from Reservoir Dogs, and a low powered water cannon to...
Photo by Andrew and Camera on Flickr
photobooth infrared
Infrared Remote Control
Most remote controls use Infrared (IR) light to transmit signals to the tv/stereo/whatever. While our eyes can't see the IR light, most digital cameras can see it, if they haven't been filtered.
Photo by Mat_the_W on Flickr