Synthetic Jackets

backup light red brown black green scale water colors face yellow dark us model paint gun acrylic baker martin bright seat curtain gray navy hard pale beam container master glossy polly medium rocket kit pan manual bang ejection f8 crusader survival mk fs bluegreen drab parachute based reel f7 dring vought zerozero drogue f8j pc10 intertia 36495 nearblack offblack f8c f8k f8l f8d f8e recommeded f8u2 f8b mkf7
Martin Baker Mk-F7 suggested colors cartoon
- after the Ejection Site's photo . NOT dimensionally accurate, but pretty to look at and complete enough to give context to the colors. Still missing the head-rest cushion...
Photo by wbaiv on Flickr
Winter Warrior
I was kind of looking for a postapocalyptic raver look. Like Mad Max on a sugar high. OUTFIT: Lorena Cupcake shirt custom-made for me by my beloved sister for Christmas, thrifted layered dress, thrifted leisure suit...
Photo by Lorena Cupcake on Flickr
street berlin rain weather umbrella bag deutschland clothing dress pants streetphotography case hose clothes plastic jeans jacket purse plasticbag trousers pocket handbag regen anorak wetter jacke plastiktüte kleidung demin thema plastik tasche kunststoff regenschirm peopleintherain handtasche bekleidung transportequipment streetfotografie strasenfotografie menschenimregen transporthilfsmittel syntheticsubstance
Photo by kohlmann.sascha on Flickr