Water Temp Gauges

107 degrees fahrenheit
It can get hot here fast and temps can drop by nearly 40 degrees at night. Be prepared and always bring water while on these trails. By the time I left Jeep said temp was 113. There is no shade in this area. Black...
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gto pontiac 1968 classic car musclecar goat
1968 GTO Interior
Here's a shot from the driver's seat. Tucked under the dash you can see the temp and oil pressure Autometer gauges I've added.
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geotagged log graph scuba diving spiegelgrove geolat25066667 geolong80311
USS Spiegel Grove Key Largo, FL USA (25.066667, -80.311) Date - September 3, 2006 Start Time - 14:49 EST Dive Time - 00:25:30 Max Depth - 113 FT Start PSI - 2956 End PSI - 414 O2 Mix - 30% Min Temp - 88F Buddy - Erik...
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