Winches & Windlasses

olympus pend film bw analogue diy ilfosol 3 machine windlass ship
windlass winch
Camera: 1964 Olympus Pen-D (half frame) Film: Agfa APX 100 Developer: Ilfolsol 3 (1:14) Developed for 7.5 Minutes at 20C
Photo by J@M€S on Flickr
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Steam winch
Are those three wheels called 'windlasses'? Or what? I've heard 'nokke' in Norwegian?
Photo by Jan Egil Kristiansen on Flickr
seattle columbus ship niña replica nina caravel centerforwoodenboats lateen
Niña deck
We went to the Center for Wooden Boats today to see this replica of the Niña, the little caravel ship Columbus sailed across the Atlantic several times. Apparently the design of the original Niña is not well known,...
Photo by pfly on Flickr