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How handwoven dhaka fabric in Nepal is made • ढाका - 2
Watch the video @ youtu.be/EfZaTeNUtbY Two two beautiful women make Nepal's traditional Dhaka fabric in a workshop behind their house. The daughter is studying to be a teacher but still weaves in her spare time...
Photo by OXLAEY.com on Flickr
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“But if planning the end of a relationship feels like plotting a murder, then planning the start of one feels more like donning a suicide vest.” —Joe Berkowitz & Joanna Neborsky
“Some people are so good at being single that they decide to go career with it, forever freelancers. Others are so eager to be done with the unknowingness of it, they barrel into every date as if playing a version of...
Photo by anokarina on Flickr
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Untitled illustration for "Le Retour a la Terre"
Pierre Brissaud (French illustrator, 1885-1964) 1920 photomechanical lithograph with hand-applied color (pochoir) 11.6 cm (height) x 15.8 cm (width) Illustration for the article "Le Retour de la Terre" by...
Photo by MCAD Library on Flickr